Our Services for Sellers

Getting your home ready and on the market isn’t complicated, but in order to market it correctly, get the most buyer eyes on it, and therefore, the highest return on your investment, takes finesse, market savvy, and a proven marketing system. When you list with a broker who doesn’t have a commitment to do all of these activities, you may be leaving money on the table and never even know it! Don’t leave your investment to chance. Since 1996 I have invested years of real estate listing experience to provide you with a time tested, get it done style of listing homes.

Below is our 21 Point Marketing Plan of Action to get your listing sold for top dollar:

  1. MLS – We will submit your property to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (MLS). There are close to 27,000 members to the MLS. This service allows me to submit your home and have it advertised to the very top buyer brokers. The MLS will post the listing on all of the top brand dot com websites where buyers go shopping for homes like yours.
  2. Pricing – This is the most important aspect to any proven marketing plan. We will provide you with a very thorough Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine top dollar in today’s market.
  3. Net Proceeds Report – We will provide you with an itemized report that shows you line by line all the expenses included in the sale of your home. This report allows you to predetermine price adjustments in advance if necessary to close your transaction.
  4. Accessibility – We will discuss various methods for opening your home and arranging showings. The most common practice is to utilize a MLS keybox. This secure lockbox allows brokers to make appointments to show the property. The easier your home is to show the faster we can get it sold.
  5. Direct Email – I’ve developed a list of the top 25 buyer brokers in the area, the ones like myself, who are very active in the marketplace. We will directly email all of them immediately once your home is listed. We will also use a reverse prospecting tool through the MLS to identify the buyer brokers that have buyers that fit your homes price, location and description.
  6. Prospecting – We will pledge to prospect up to 2 hours per day five days every week and talk to 15-25 people per day over the phone looking for potential buyers. This form of marketing gives your home up to 500 direct conversations with potential buyers every month until your property is sold!
  7. Staging – We have a complete staging strategy room-by-room checklist that will provide you with a list of improvements we suggest you make to get the greatest return – interior and exterior. We have a list of preferred vendors who we know will do a great job and get things done in a timely manner if you need some help! Staged homes sell faster and for 3% more than non staged homes.
  8. Photography & Virtual Tours– There is no substitute for professional photography in our market. With 95% of buyers searching online for properties, your listing deserves photography that makes the buyer want to see your home in person. We also employ a company called Virtuance which makes sure your property shows its absolute best in photography. We will create a virtual tour of your property on Paradym. We often get calls from buyers who have seen the tour. The tour is syndicated throughout the top socail media outlets to expand your listings exposure.
  9. Yard Sign & Directional Arrows – Our eye-catching oversized yard sign will make buyers take notice. Our fresh clean signs and posts makes it easy for buyers to read our contact information and call us directly from the sign which allows us to sell your home faster than any other broker can. We will strategically place directional arrows for buyers in order to reduce the hassle of trying to navigate a new neighborhood.
  10. House Flyer & Homebook – A full color house flyer will be created and will be available inside your home for prospective buyers. We will develop a custom homebook specifically for your listing. This homebook is an welcoming way to provide the potential buyer all the details about your home, neighborhood and city to help the buyer gain a deeper understanding about what they are purchasing
  11. Direct Marketing to the neighbors – Neighbors often have friends or family who want to move to the neighborhood. Our direct marketing mailers will be sent to close to 150 people in your community and neighborhood. We will also commit to knocking dozens doors in your neighborhood to find a buyer for your home.
  12. Special Feature Cards – These will be placed throughout the home, focusing on your home’s features that may not be evident to the naked eye. The goal is to build your home’s value and assit the buyer broker during the presentation of your property.
  13. Open Houses – Open houses get potential buyers in your home including some who didn’t even realize they were in the market for a change! We go all out for our open houses and set out to sell the home during this time. A full direct mail and social media blitz will occur to bring buyers running through the door.
  14. Demographic Buyer Report – This detailed report gives us the insight to identify the most typical style of buyer for your home. The report allows us to construct a commercial that targets the best audeince for your home.
  15. Online Listing Syndication – In addition to the NWMLS and all of our social media platforms, your listing will appear on hundreds of websites where buyers and real estate relocation organizations are searching for homes plus our newest technology places your home instantly on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and more!
  16. Weekly Seller Meeting and Strategy Session – Each week we will have a meeting or we will provide you with a report on what has been accomplished the previous week, what feedback we have received, the status of any interested parties and make a plan for additional marketing as needed.
  17. Mortgage Bankers Email campaign – I’ve developed great relationships with the top 15 mortgage bankers in Snohomish County. These individuals are responsible for over 80% of all the closed transactions.Our email distribution lists vary from property to property. We will distribute your listing information to local mortgage bankers that specialize in your specific property type and style.
  18. My Database – I will contact over the next seven days…my buyer leads, centers of influence and past clients for their referrals and prospective buyers. I have over 1,300 people in my database that your home will have immediate exposure to.
  19. Modify Your Listing – We will modify your marketing remarks every 9 days until you receive an acceptable offer. When I modify your listing it refreshes it in the MLS bringing more attention to your listing to generate more buyer showings.
  20. Monitoring – We will monitor the daily hit counters that measure the number of buyers and brokers looking at your listing in the MLS. We will be measuring the number of views we get from our virtual tours. We will be managing differing socail media campaigns. This takes place from day one and continues throughout the duration of the listing until your property sells.
  21. Critical Feedback – We will follow up on all broker showings, open house showings, online and socail media responses, sign calls and more. This information is critical to your success to find out what the buyers in today’s market are saying about your home. Having this information allows you to make helpful decisions about getting your home sold fast and for the highest dollar amount.

Having a real estate team to support your listing is vital in today’s marketplace. Your listing deserves not only the broker with the relationships and the ability to create interest at open houses, but the team member behind the scenes who is creating the flyers and getting the word out on social media. You need the team member who is generating buyer interest and getting the buyer leads in the front door. You need the team member who is getting the eye-catching sign installed. And you need the team member who is going to field calls from interested buyers and their agents and get them the information they need.