Our Services for Sellers

Getting your home ready and on the market isn’t complicated, but in order to market it correctly, get the most buyer eyes on it, and therefore, the highest return on your investment, takes finesse, market savvy, and a proven marketing system. When you list with a broker who doesn’t have a commitment to do all of these activities, you may be leaving money on the table and never even know it! Don’t leave your investment to chance.

Below is our 21 Point Marketing Plan to get your listing sold for top dollar:

  1. Staging – We have a complete staging strategy room-by-room checklist that will provide you with a list of improvements we suggest you make to get the greatest return – interior and exterior. We have a list of preferred vendors who we know will do a great job and get things done in a timely manner if you need some help!
  2. Photography – There is no substitute for professional photography in our market. With 95% of buyers searching online for properties, your listing deserves photography that makes the buyer want to see your home in person. We also employ a company called Virtuance which makes sure your property shows its absolute best in photography.
  3. Virtual Tour – We will create a virtual tour of your property on Paradym. We often get calls from buyers who have seen the tour.
  4. Yard Sign – Our eye-catching yard sign will make buyers take notice
  5. Directional Arrows – Buyers will often drive down a street because they saw a for sale sign with an arrow on the corner!
  6. House Flyer – A full color house flyer will be created and will be available both inside and outside your home for prospective buyers
  7. Marketing to the neighbors – Neighbors often have friends or family who want to move to the neighborhood. Our marketing to dozens of neighbors along with door knocking helps get the word out.
  8. Home Book – Information about schools, the community, tax information and more will be included in the Home Book and will be available for potential buyers.
  9. Special Feature Cards – These will be placed throughout the home, focusing on your home’s features that may not be evident to the naked eye. The goal is to build your home’s value.
  10. Open Houses – Open houses get potential buyers in your home including some who didn’t even realize they were in the market for a change!
  11. Social Media -We promote both your listing and any open houses on Facebook to a targeted audience.
  12. NWMLS – The Northwest MLS is the most powerful tool we have to get your listing in front of as many brokers and buyers as possible.
  13. Online Listing Syndication – In addition to the NWMLS and the Todd Fahlman Group, your listing will appear on dozens and dozens of websites where buyers are searching for homes including Zillow, Redfin, REALTOR.com, and more!
  14. Brokers Opens – Just as it is important to get buyers into the house, it is very important to get brokers into the house who might have buyers looking for a property just like yours!
  15. Reverse Prospecting – In the MLS, we can see what potential buyers have saved your property as a favorite and we can follow up with their broker.
  16. Weekly Seller Meeting and Strategy Session – Each week we will have a meeting or we will provide you with a report on what has been done the previous week, what feedback we have received, the status of any interested parties and make a plan for additional marketing as needed.
  17. Pricing – We do extensive research of homes in your area to correctly price your home.
  18. Email campaign – Our email distribution lists vary from property to property. We will distribute your listing information to local lenders that specialize in your specific property type and style.
  19. Market Timing 
  20. Specific Linguistic and phraseology processes for all listing materials
  21. Competition report and demographic buyer review

Having a real estate team to support your listing is vital in today’s marketplace. Your listing deserves not only the broker with the relationships and the ability to create interest at open houses, but the team member behind the scenes who is creating the flyers and getting the word out on social media. You need the team member who is generating buyer interest and getting the buyer leads in the front door. You need the team member who is getting the eye-catching sign installed. And you need the team member who is going to field calls from interested buyers and their agents and get them the information they need.