Meet the Team

Todd Fahlman – Team Lead – Real Estate Broker

When you have a real estate advocate who is a visionary as well as a creative problem-solver, you have one of the most powerful types of real estate brokers on your team!

Todd exudes a positive attitude in everything he tackles from getting homes prepared and on the market to helping first time homebuyers create a plan for success. Getting people to the finish line to achieve their goals is what drives Todd.

But don’t expect all drive and no fun when you work with Todd. His clients also appreciate his enjoyable approach and finding the laughter and light points along the way. And in times of stress, he is great at keeping his clients’ emotions in check and getting them focused on finding solutions with him. There is usually a solution to any problem that comes up and focusing back on the facts is a great way to reach a successful conclusion.

Through his years in the business, he knows how to put real estate transactions together and what it takes to keep them together. He is tenacious, never gives up, and is a steadfast advocate for his clients. He is a Certified Negotiation Expert and understands the fine art of give and take when negotiating on behalf of his clients. Todd is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming – the study of subjective behavior as it relates to change. Basically, this means he has studied how the brain works with language. As you can imagine, this is very useful in creating language and key phrases to advertise a listing or understanding the subtleties of buyer demographics in the current market.

Todd moved to Seattle in 1995 and then to Marysville in 1997. He and his wife, Rochelle, have two boys and two girls. They are all very involved in the local community and committed to fitness. He runs a 10K each month to keep him at the top of his game and has a goal to run a 10K in each of the 50 states in the next five to six years.


  • Washington State Housing Finance Commission certified First Time Homebuyer Education Instructor

Rochelle Fahlman – Transaction Coordinator

The best thing about working with a real estate team is having people with different areas of expertise. That is certainly the case at The Fahlman Property Group with Rochelle Fahlman at the transaction management and office management helm.

Rochelle is a stickler for detail which makes her the perfect fit for watching out for our clients’ transactions. Making sure all the “t”s are crossed and the “i”s dotted keeps everyone from buyers and sellers, brokers, inspectors, lenders and more on track with expectations and timelines managed. Rochelle cares a lot about the clients and helping them get their transactions closed successfully which oftentimes means picking up the phone and going to bat for their buyers and sellers.

She also watches out and assists the brokers on the team, making sure they have the materials they need to meet with a client or coordinating showings. She often takes on tasks for the other brokers to allow them to go out and meet with their buyers and sellers.

She is reportedly an awesome baker and comes to real estate from her background as a catering manager. In catering, managing a team and making sure everyone is working at peak performance is critical.

Rochelle shares Todd’s commitment to fitness and nutrition and is proactive in taking the steps needed to keep her energy at the highest level to work as efficiently as possible and still maintain the energy needed to raise her family.

Morgan McFalls – Real Estate Broker

Morgan specializes in helping our homebuyers find the right home to fit their needs. Before he made the move to real estate, he took on multiple roles in the banking industry, including account management, operations, and fraud prevention. Because Morgan was already focused on wealth-building for his clients through money management, making the move to real estate and adjusting the language to wealth-building through homeownership was a logical step.

When it comes to homebuying, strategy is important. Morgan is up to the task and is skilled at helping homebuyers win in multiple offer situations, having an edge over the competition by utilizing various technologies, or even working with lenders to achieve creative solutions. He also works extensively with first-time homebuyers and understands their unique needs. As a young homeowner himself, he understands the difficulties that must be overcome to buy a home and is prepared to help others find a property that not only satisfies the need for housing, but can also be a great long-term investment.

He has also developed and perfected multi-faceted marketing practices that are vital to ensuring a seller’s home is seen by the greatest number of potential qualified buyers across numerous platforms – critical for building buyer interest and getting the seller the highest return on his or her investment.

He is passionate about strengthening communities. In his off time, he is an avid camper and hiker. He has played music since he was a kid and is a Certified Piano Instructor (with honors and distinction) through the Royal Conservatory of Music in London. He plays mostly for pleasure these days and above all else, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and especially his niece, Veronica.


  • Washington State Housing Finance Commission certified First Time Homebuyer Education Instructor

Tina Hudon – Real Estate Broker

Before joining The Fahlman Property Group, Tina Hudon spent fifteen years selling vacation properties. As a successful sales director, Tina sharpened her skills in communication and negotiation – skills that serve her well in her role as a residential real estate agent.

Tina’s warm and friendly business style, combined with her professionalism, lead to the kinds of client relationships that turn into friendships. She perseveres in attending to her clients’ needs and pays attention to all the details, large and small, that result in smooth and successful transactions. And she takes personal satisfaction in seeing the smiles on a client’s face when she hands over the keys to the home of their dreams!

Outside the office, Tina loves to travel and explore new places with friends and family. An outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys camping, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, and tailgating at Seahawks’ games.


  • Snohomish County Women’s Council of Realtors

Ralph Allais – Real Estate Broker

Ralph Allais earned his real estate license in February 2016 and is excited about this new direction in his life and career. As the former owner of a successful small business, Ralph developed the negotiating and people skills that he now uses every day as a successful real estate broker. And Ralph’s past experience as a financial advisor is a key advantage in helping his clients with one of the largest investment decisions many of them will make in their lives.

One of the aspects of the real estate profession that Ralph enjoys the most is helping his clients achieve their real estate dreams. Ralph works with all types of buyers, from first-time home owners to experienced investors, from growing families to down-sizing retirees. And as part of the Fahlman Property Group, Ralph takes great professional pride in serving all aspects of their clients’ real estate needs.

Outside of work, you’ll find Ralph spending time with his family, pursuing their love of camping, skiing, and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors.