• Thinking about a career in real estate?
  • Do you want to understand about all the requirements and costs to become a real estate broker?
  • Are you a real estate broker looking for a team that is the right fit for how you do business?
  • Tired of doing it all on your own?
  • Not sure you hung your license at the right office?
  • Or maybe you are in another industry, thinking about making a career change?

Finding the right fit in real estate and the costs to become a broker can be tough and trying to do it all on your own can be even tougher. Our team model provides you will all the costs and fees up front and provides leads, systems, support, tools, and follow-through to help you do what you do best – work with buyers and sellers and help them achieve their dreams.

We offer full internship and mentorship programs for those who qualify.

We aren’t just looking for any team members – we want the right team members. And even if you are not looking to join a team, we are convinced that the Fahlman Property Group is the perfect place to hang your license and begin building your own business with power of the Fahlman Property Group behind you.

We will be able to answer all your questions during our career night.

Intrigued? Want to Learn More?

Check it out before you decide. We offer two paths to find out if real estate is a career path for you.

  • One day job shadow
  • One week internship

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